See Funerals

meanings by Al ahsaai


 See Funerals

The funeral, it is believed that the group Machin at the funeral, it indicates that the owner of the funeral prevail on that group or to Mekdarhm of people, but Aiqaarham and wrong them is of the opinion that he fell from his funeral, it is of rank and dignity and merit is of the opinion that the holder of a funeral it follows a Sultan and benefit from it money is of the opinion people would cause to his funeral is held high on their hands it receives authority and the elevation and saw people crying behind his funeral praise consequences, as well as that commended him and called him and saw a funeral in the market, it shows the hypocrisy of the goods that this market is of the opinion that the funeral of moving in the air it indicates the death of a great man’s funeral and saw moving on the earth which is the subject of it installed in the ship is of the opinion that the funeral placed in a large place, the people of that place riding immorality


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