See men

meanings by Al ahsaai


 See men

Of seeing a man known to make a thing or abused by people, it is a given, toxic or his people and saw an old man known to have been between the two words is to increase the good and the pool and if the mixer Chiba blackness be told though, Sheikh unknown, it is his grandfather, who sought and of the more saw it as of decency, dignity and talk shows of good and approved for the purpose of the seer is the best if not left of the Swadh anything, it is weaker and easier, and saw a young man or his manhood, a handsome face it Bishara and get better, whether known or unknown, and it was said if the man was unknown and it is not good scene is the enemy is of the opinion youth group, religious leaders, especially if it is the mercy of them were the words of righteousness but felt none of them gave him anything, it is best, especially if the class loved that thing and that he saw Muti is also good, although none of them saw a minus, the shortages was an elder in his grandfather and that he was a youth shortages in enemy

 See the two men

The two men understood the parents or carrying it or what the man will be in place of a living no matter how saw it from Zain or Shin was Taoelhma where it is felt that his foot per cut or broken it shows to go half his wealth or the death of a parent but felt that the incident in his legs it shows on the go or his wealth or his death and saw his feet, iron or copper, it indicates the increasing age and his legs and saw that it shows Qazzaz palace for him and his wealth decrease is of the opinion that the leg turned into a thing of the animals is evidence of strength


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