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 See mountains

Of the opinion that it belongs to a mountain, it has a man impregnable callous and saw that it was based on him he goes to a man as well and holds firmly to him and saw that it was on the Mount may Astmcn of being put upon it affects the authority, by that man, although he is rich richer or poor sacked or repaired same or afraid security is of the opinion that he flees from one vessel to mount it Aatb is of the opinion that another of the mountain or down it, the command is not, and saw a mountain quiver and shake from its position and then stabilized, the Sultan of that land hit by the severity or disease and then fit in his case, and saw that the mountain Anhedm and broke it dies Sultan of that land and small, and saw that it was in a cave or accidentally entering, this refuge and shelter is of the opinion that the mountain course it may indicate the wars or disorder to be between scientists of people or an accident happening in the world is of the opinion that a mountain returned butter is not which is better which is false and has no reality in it


Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the mountains

Of the opinion that the mountain and think that it is his mountain resort to a great extent, and perhaps a venerable king.

It felt: a mountain that rose above it and became king of all he can get his dignity and high status.

It felt: that uprooted a mountain from one place or scattered its parts, it is the demise of a great king and differentiate his group, though it is causing, it is by him or on his hands.

It felt: that he had taken residence in Mount repent it to the king of the types of servants and be able to it.

It felt: that he came down from the top down from the mountain, it stature and will be a decrease in right, and was down from the top of the mountains and others return from an order or contrary to hope.

It felt: it went up a mountain or similar place or higher in terms of the sentence, it is for Murad and eliminate the need and high status, including trying to win and get off about anything like that Vtobeirh against him.

It felt: that another of the mountain it shows Menksh get in debt and scandal at the world and the people.

It felt: that the mountain shook and cracked it twice to get to the king of that place he saw the residence and returned true healing and the power is so weak after the King.

It felt: that the mountain had green and good Balabhh construed it to the king of that place and to increase indecency and servants.

It felt: that a thing of the mountain and the types of monsters with claws and fangs, it construed the Governor of corrupt religion.

It felt: that the mountain has become a pure dust it shows the villainous king of no benefit.

It felt: that it is pierced with a mountain full of king hurts people by word and deed does not receive from its proximity to the people, but harmful.

It felt: that he ascended to the Mount S it shows near him.

It felt: that he ascended to Mount Sinai, it corresponds to the human being in the right order and gets him by the good and benefit.

It felt: that he ascended Mount Joudi it flat in his affairs or the safety of the Izz Al says, “and the Astute Joudi.”

It felt: Mount Arafat that it shows for repentance and the good.

It felt: that he ascended Mount Lebanon, it is accompanied by scientists.

It felt: that it is in the dark mountain destruction and calamity, and was probably owned by a corrupt religion Unjust ugly scene.

It felt: that in the Mount, as a result has become a good view of the king of that place for the generosity of his flock and get behind me money from his part, and grace.

It felt: that he ascended a mountain and saw the hole where it entered the familiar with the secret of the king and his affairs Blindfolded If it comes out of it something it gets it from that link and giving.

It felt: after a mountain of it will think in the order of things.

It felt: that Salk in Mount on something it is a recipe for peace chives Murad, though Mnkora is subject to dispute.

Ja’far al-Sadiq said may Allah be pleased with him: a vision of the mountain king and interpreted the nail and Sports and the survival of comfort .

It felt: that it has the king of a mountain man, a huge callous regard impregnable.

It felt: that hovers around it depends on the big man to win his honor and status.

It felt: it was based on a mountain resort to it as much as a great king of the mountain.

It felt: that on the Mount of Astmcn may be misplaced, it affects the authority of a great man before that, the rich, he has increased his wealth, even if he is poor and the Magistrate dismissed case, and that he was afraid security.

It felt: that he flees from one vessel to mount it to the story of Noah Aatb peace be upon him with his son.

It felt: that the demolition of a mountain, it destroys the old.

It felt: it aims itself from a mountain of non-harm to get it carried out his books and his words in his power fall ill.

It felt: that he came out of the mountain, and he has stood with the effect of which does not try it for him.

It felt: that in the mountain, along with everything from machine guns or facilities Sultan it good and the elevation gain.

It felt: that he wanted to climb Mount it on a man callous far vigor or wants to be the mountain, then here in the very same, and shall submit it as their rise in the mountain and up to the ease or difficulty in Dawning be.

It felt: that climbs the mountain levels do not rise in the limping, it affects the good sooner.

It felt: that he ascended to the sick is to be reached to age and ripen it has turned years of age and reached the end of the year, and was falling from the mountain and fall of the star in order to fully.

It felt: to climb the mountain did not fall ill, it is hoped they are or what is not his interpretation of the meaning “equal to the Mount Aasmna of water.”

It felt: the mountain fell away from it they fall ill, too.

It felt: that the death of the mountain it burned the king of that land.

It felt: that in the mountain cave or accidentally entering the shelter and the shelter of the verse, “Cave Vooa to publish your mercy from your Lord, and creates and disposes of your facility.”

It felt: that the mountains are going, it indicates the wars of the Kings moving to each other and disorder among the people and the accident happening in the world because it marks the resurrection.

It felt: that the mountain king returned butter, it is not his command which is invalid because the butter is not really wrong.

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