See mules and donkeys

meanings by Al ahsaai



 See mules and donkeys

The mules and donkeys, it is felt that riding a mule vague it travels the rode a mule, along with evidence of travel is travel and only had a length of life but felt it Srja or kava, a rider or owner, it affects a woman barren and mules are the course of the colors of horses is of the opinion that the mule speeds by the traffic it travel urgently to the owner is of the opinion that he got off his mule, or epilepsy or later the accident, the interpretation that Ktaoal the horse is of the opinion that he rode a donkey Mtoaa or enter his house or Artbth it is better and survive the thing straightened out Saada for the increase and ass all in a vision of good is his voice, it is heard his voice they magnificence is of the opinion that he has a donkey or donkeys revered it is frequently the finest and saw that it was riding came to us, it affects the good and the pool is of the opinion that he was dead donkey and had Abdul patient is his death and saw that it was damage to his donkey, or sold it or got it or was weak, it indicates the loss, poverty, and the donkey server or a woman, it is of the opinion that Dnah drink donkey’s milk it is a disease get sick easy

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