See plowing and agriculture

meanings by Al ahsaai



 See plowing and agriculture

It felt that plowing the ground it is intimate with his family but felt that Ihrthha others without his permission, it is contrary to his family and saw that it was planted barley, it brings money and saw that it was planted planted and harvested, it affects the good but felt that the sow did not comment that sowing it fall ill, they and grief as much as it Sowing is of the opinion that affects wheat, it affects the gold is of the opinion that eat corn wet it hermit Fadel, although Walker wheat dried or cooked, it is no good which is of the opinion that eating barley wet or dry, or Mgulwa or cooked it Salah fall ill, and the good in any case is of the opinion that dedicate the barley he felt delight and health of the body and obtained good is of the opinion that his food back Zbila or dust licenses or spoiled but saw a fire lit in the food Gla or intensified its price is of the opinion Dkhana or Adsa or corn it is money after all is without wheat and barley is of the opinion beans or chick peas, beans or so of grain they are and sorrow for those who hit or eaten wet or dry cooked or Mgulwh was said in the sesame that money in the increase is of the opinion that he hit the rice it infects blessed with a little light and when they are distressed and felt it hit the black bean or Rue or so that when a cure, it affects the health and well-being in his body

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