See the books and newspapers

meanings by Al ahsaai


 See the books and newspapers

The vision of books and newspapers, it is considered a thing of the written interpretation of the Koran in his hand the affairs upright but felt that he read where it does things the problems and saw volumes of jurisprudence, it would be passable by good works but read it be following the orders Mojtnba for prohibitions selected right is of the opinion of folders News or read to be close when kings and saw the volumes of assets, it looks for things uncertainties, the read any of it, it runs with and will not benefit and may get between him and the people who debate may be committing something forbidden is of the opinion of the volumes to speak at the door of unification and logic, statement or appropriate it or read any of it, it runs things wonderful is of the opinion of folders virtues of praise and joy, or read any of them, it would be glib ones for and righteousness praiseworthy in his actions Mojtnba for the minimum asking for the Hereafter is of the opinion of folders invitations, speeches or read any of them, God Almighty responds his prayer and tell him escort and saw volumes of stories or read any of them Velomh people in his actions and saw volumes of medicine or read any of them, it would be president in his tasks reformer of things corrupt It felt folder from the stars or read anything from it Salah works this world is of the opinion of the volumes poetry or read any of them if he felt the virtues and unify Faisadf good and the benefits even if praise or resolve it operates by get him to do so from the people to blame and appeal and has no interest of him in his religion and worldly affairs, and saw volumes of speech or read anything of which it is up to him talk from a person Jalil much gets him so good and the honor is of the opinion of the volumes account or read any of them be worried at the request of the minimum is of the opinion folders anecdotes and Alamadag and disadvantages of the people and Hljohm and what does not benefit it or read from that is something that he gives him to do ugly and said to see the folder if not opened did not know what it is good for any case, although not denying what happened Mahmoud is of the opinion that it combines many volumes it takes all the science was read his origin and the fact that did not read that Vdd

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