See the coffins and blood, and so on

meanings by Al ahsaai


See the coffins and blood, and so on

The coffins and blood, it is believed that he had bought a coffin or give him or sent down to him from heaven, it is alive and the property, knowledge and a dream, and sustenance and tranquility may be a coffin man’s wife or his shop, it is felt that there was a accident, it happens in them or of the view Julqa or pouch or a bag or so of blood is a container to be when something may have been that the human heart and the pot because it is good or evil is of the opinion that the cyst may rupture the bottom and went from what was in it, the bag body and the money his soul is doomed inevitably is of the opinion that it carries Makhlah free has run out age is of the opinion that he bought a flaw or equipped or so he marry a woman is of the opinion that it holds the broken glass, something it is money is of the opinion that in his hand a glass of water and he signed the mug from his hand and broke and left the water in his hand is his wife gives birth to a boy and keep her child and saw in his home Pot Hraús or pans or tubs or Boaql and the people it Mtalfon If the patient died, even if the patient eats them it proof of his death may be the pots function on the value of the house and the canon of her husband and saw that it was licked lantern or fit Vtilth it Bishara has the safety of his sight and health of sight is of the opinion in December or the ability or Msrgih goodness or corrupt Vtaoal in the values ​​of the house and saw something of the pitchers and Tsus, circumstances, and pots, the all women and served what he saw of the goodness or corruption Vtaoal in servants and slaves and ax Abdul and Almzhah server What view in which it is in Abdul and his servant


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