See the dress

Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Jah is in a dream the man and his pride if it is new white color. If it is paper thin in the religion of the owner, because the religion of man’s robe and aspirations, the worn in the winter it is a poor Mottagml arrogance. And it was said that women dress dirty. But felt that he lost his robe or Talsan mind it will be safe from poverty and boasts of the people.
It felt cold that it was new or Imania Mtakriqh its aspects, he learns something from the Koran and then forget it. The robe, the woman saw her husband is not improved it. Secretariat of the robe and the man page because the subject of the neck, and neck position of the Secretariat. [See cover].



meanings by Al ahsaai


 See the dress

The robe is the religion of the man who is the wearer in the neck, it is believed that he dress well brazen it Salah in his religion but felt that thin is the paper his religion and that he saw dirty impure it is the sins and the corruption of the religion of the owner is of the opinion that he grabbed the robe is to go one’s religion or out of the Sultan


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