See the emerald beads


meanings by Al ahsaai


See the emerald beads

It felt that it hit Zmerda it acquires a brother in God and brothers good and kids both male polite or beneficial knowledge or money, lawful and good, and saw that it was hit beads or give it infects domestic employees, money or Sfielh people is low as it is of the opinion that it necklace in gold or silver and the core or stone, it follows the mandate and assume the secretariat is of the opinion that he necklaces or many decades is too weak to carry it too weak to work with his knowledge and to do and that the woman saw that the contract or necklaces, the interpretation of this in her husband or their values ​​and that saw itself the ornaments it does not good man saw it, and so he said to his grief and a woman marry women in danger danger Ornament



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