Seeing The flood In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The flood In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The flood In The Dream Interpretation by Ibne serin Flood: (Inundation; Torrent) Flood in a dream represents enemy attack, harm, destruction, sickness, a toilingjourney or the inundation of a town. Ifthe water flows toward a river in a dream, it means that he will escape from a dangerous enemy. Fighting a flood or trying to prevent it from entering one’s house in a dream means fighting with one’s enemy to protect one’s family and property. However, if people still benefit from its waters for their wells or farms in the dream, then it represents a prosperous year and a good harvest, or it could represent good irrigations and strong dams. In a dream, a flood also represents lies, hypocrisy, wasting one’s speech, or it could mean falsehood. If one sees his town flooded with blood in a dream, then it represents God’s wrath and punishment for people’s sins. Inundations in a dream also could represent a rainfall, one’s tongue or a sharp spoken woman. If one’s house is flooded in a dream, it represent past deeds that will bring later benefits. Flood in a dream also represents liquid nourishment such as honey, milk, or oil. If one sees himself collecting the waters of a flood in jars and people seem happy about it in the dream, it means the availability of food products in abundance and falling or stabilization of prices. A flood in a dream also means blocking the roads to extremism or isolating a danger. When one sees a flood in his dream but outside of its season, it means that he is following some psychic influences or pursuing religious innovations. It also means wrath, destruction, impeachment, penal-ties or a plague, unless if it is falling from the skies, then it means rains and blessings. If one sees himself coming out of his home to swim into an inundated town in the dream, it means that he will escape from a ruthless tyrant. Should


one fail to cross, and if he is rather forced to return to his house in the dream, it means that he should be careful about staying in that town or about disobeying his boss. Stopping the flood from reaching or entering one’s home in a dream also means reconciliation with one’s enemy.

meanings by Al ahsaai

See the flood

It is believed that the flood water divides land it the scourge and fined affects people or the enemy is going to them, or B is located in them only to have descended from heaven, it is better and blessing to the people is of the opinion that the stream went by and then survived it fall ill, is very of the Sultan or the other is of the opinion that it comes out torrent of it out of them or illness is of the opinion that the brownish flood or rain water, it affects the money

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the floods

From the ground saw the flood drown it collapses the scourge of the people or the enemy is going to them or in them, and B is situated only be water came down from heaven, it is better and Ghias.

It felt: that the stream enters the ground, the enemy are the damage to that land and all the water often is not good when all the water does not detract warns his family, especially if Kadra.

It felt: that the stream went by and then escaped him fall ill, it is very from the power or those who take his place.

It felt: it addresses the stream it handles an enemy and victorious in vigilance because they are two different types.

It felt: that if Silas had between him and the destination they reverse it and the lack of access is required.

It felt: that he come out of the stream, it comes out of them, and said to flood the enemy or an unjust king.

It felt: that it escaped from the flood escape the enemy, but with fear, and was told the cold stream in the place harmful in the hot place the benefit and pleasure.

It felt: that a strong income stream it is a place Fajrabh construed as loss of the people of that place to the verse, “We opened the gates of heaven with water pouring out.”

It felt: that the water overflowed and floods that covered the world for it is death to the people of that place to the verse, “We sent against them the flood.” Perhaps if Del flood ravaged places on the injustice and cruelty of King.

It felt: Sylla being in a place where the required flow of water, but not his habit, it is worried and distressed.

In all, the vision of flood devolve on four aspects: a large enemy king or unjust or Lashkar-e-Ghalib, or severe affliction. Dream Interpretation in Islam


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