Seeing The gravel In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The gravel In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The gravel In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi gravel

Show vision in a dream the men and women, and young people, the dirham, and on the Hajj and throw stones, and on the hardness and severity, and curses and slander.It saw a bird fell from the sky Valtqt pebble and flew out, and that was in the mosque of a good man died of it, even if the vision of patients, and was of good people or those who pray in this mosque owner of the vision is dead. If the capture of the pebble from the Church of the account in the corruption of the patient. If taken from his home or from an undisclosed location and die for his vision was born. But the one who picked up a number of gravel Vzaretha on his clothes or swallowed, and was taken from a mosque, or house the world, or one of said ring of science and the Koran, and benefited from the male and the statement as much as it picked up from the gravel. Even if they are captured from the market interest in this world, and AED consists of a trade or charity. Albeit from behind the trees Ftaya of the Sultan that was served, or benefits from the sea that was traded in, or knowledge derived from the world if it was a gift from the wife of a rich, if he was born, it did not have a Born Rizk and a son.
But the one who threw the pebbles in the sea of his money goes. But threw it out in a well in the marriage of money or wealth of a server. The throw out an animal like a lion and tiger, monkey, locusts and the crow and the like and that was in the days of Hajj threw stones, and out of stones that Jibreel is Adam peace be upon him to shoot the devil out, when he suffered, and then became the year, although not in the days of the pilgrimage was a pebble his prayer to the enemy or punk, or ratio, or insult or a certificate witnessed against him. The throw out otherwise this species columbine and the Muslims of the people was the man speaking in Spaba Mgtaba righteous people and chaste women. Scientists and gravel people. And it was said to repent of the stick and guidance of the infidel, and perhaps Del gravel on the certificate, because he swam in the palm of the Prophet peace be upon him.
and perhaps Del gravel on the disease by the sand.
and perhaps Del employers pension on weighing it or Acetkalon it, or what works for him. The harshness of the words of gravel, much of it filled the incumbent.
It felt that the pebble in his ear Mojtaha Ffenh and delivered, he heard a cruel word Vtmjha his ear.

Gravel: (Pebbles) Gravel or pebbles covering the riverbed or stream bed in a dream mean hard work. (Also see Pebbles)

 See the gravel

It felt that he picked up a number of gravel have the benefit of AED benefit him or his composed and saw that it was intended Bhsah in the sea, it goes where money and threw it in a well directed money to marry or buy a server and that threw it in something bought this thing with him as though he threw out it causes to a human being Dream Interpretation in Islam


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