See the green grass and planting and

meanings by Al ahsaai


See the green grass and planting and

It felt green many on earth what is its essence it is a religion and good for him and the public but felt the grass or hashish it money and fertile It felt to the ground green has withered hit good and what was the undergrowth Mashmoom it is they and grief is of the opinion that his seed is known it is his work in religion and worldly as far as planting and dangerous It felt planted at the site of an anonymous or known non workmanship implant and spike may realize and overcome the situation they are men gathered in a war, the harvest were killed, and saw that a man goes against the planted AKP it is his wife has weighed It felt Snabla Khadra it years fertilized but Iabsat years, it was infertile, and I saw that it was the ear or eat it alive one hundred and saw that it was hit from the grass and hay, one thing or enter his house, it affects much money and fertile


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