Seeing The Hyena In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Hyena In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Hyena In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi  Hyena

Is unjust enemy in a dream. Dabaa and charming woman, dirty old man.
It is believed that eating meat has been Illah magic he did not know. He married the knees. And Dabaa lame show a woman a witch or a woman unknown man, and show the people and the unemployed Alkhaddain.
It felt that rode Illaa won sultan. And see the show at Hyena Secrets Revealed and engage in does not mean.
del hyena and perhaps the problem is bisexual, although shown to the wife or nation they are ugly and bad ugly woman Dabaa treacherous.
It felt that he threw it with an arrow Illah correspond with a woman. If it threw a stone thrown, and hit upon the extension of the sword of the tongue, and drink their milk betrayed him and betrayed him, and felt that it Asahirha stabbed her, and saw that it was struck from the skin of the hyena or the bones of her hair or it affects the woman money.

meanings by Al ahsaai

 See the Hyena

The hyena is a woman ill, it is felt that rode Illaa it is a woman also is of the opinion that eating the flesh of hyena, it has worked its charm is his oblivious and is about to heal him is of him and saw that it was struck from the skin of hyena Oazamha or her hair, it affects the money a woman as much as it It felt that it was a male hyena in the interpretation of a Disheartened Boukdhulh What was it and it Vtaoelh Ktaoal lions

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision Hyena

 The male hyena Fidel enemy did a damned hypocrite ugly woman and a female from authoritarian ugly ugly effective and construed aspects:

It is felt that a passenger on the hyena it shows the marriage of a woman we feel unclean .

 It felt: he was struck Illah stick crossbow, it indicates the occurrence of words between him and the relatives of his wife, and stabbed with a spear, it is having intercourse with a woman ugly, though Illaa it marks the marriage relationship, nasty scene, but a sword, it affects his tongue to his wife words of evil and foolishness.

 It felt: it hits Illah or throw a stone it is suggesting a woman be on such capacity or accuse her of adultery.

 It felt: that eat the flesh of Illah, it indicates an infection of a woman by magic ugly effective is unaware of this and the end of his salvation from it, and drink their milk is of treachery and enmity and the trick of that woman.

 It is it considers that: that he taken from the her hair or from the bones something it testifies to the get is better and more the benefit of from that woman on the as much as so taken, albeit Hyena a male shall be a man to those qualities. It was of the opinion that he rode Illaa received the authority that is qualified and has only wali of a woman with those qualities.

 It felt: that the hyena spoke to him it shows a woman long tongue hype surrounding it was not him then as much as of no value.

 In all, the vision of hyena interpreted in three ways: a bad woman or a man a hypocrite and the magic and the trick. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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