See the infidels

meanings by Al ahsaai


See the infidels

It felt infidels entered at his home, they interpret enemies Dhamaren poor and have Mpelghm it as much as Mkthm in his house and saw one of the infidels captured it affects them severely, and saw that it was a hostage with them or Orhan himself, it may gain committed many sins which the mortgagee is of the opinion that unbeliever then Islam entered it Aoal on the two sides of his confession by grace after Kfranha and near him and becomes to the right and was of the opinion that he became an infidel, it indicates a tendency to infidelity is of the opinion that the polytheist will enter Paradise or prayed towards the qibla, or thanks to God or entered into a fortress, it indicates that his conversion to Islam is of the opinion Christian gains control it on his opponent if he has a dispute with a Christian and a Muslim saw it delivers quickly or die sooner It felt as if he became a Christian it inherits his uncle or aunt if the goodness of the people but from the people of Kafr El-corruption Vioal Yes God is of the opinion that it has become monk, it is an innovator too in his innovation and said some of them saw that he became a monk and was of the people of prostitutes it is construed widely reverence and the fear of God and was told to see the monk devolve man Wily Ghaddar innovator is of the opinion that he became a Jew, it follows through innovation and saw a group of Jews he repents to God is of the opinion it is one Jew construed guidance and was told of the opinion that he became a Jew, it inherits his uncle or aunt is of the opinion Mjusya it construed the complexity of things and its emphasis

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