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Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Jinn: (Sing. Jinni) A creation from a smokeless fire. Among the Jinn, some are believers while others are satans. This is in contrast to human beings who are created from earth and among them some are believers and others are human satans. Jinn in a dream represent fraud, deceit, cunning, perfidy, treachery, theft, alcoholism, invented religious practices, travels, music, bars, tricks, sleight of hand, illusion, sorcery and magic. If one is transformed into a Jinni in a dream, it means that he will acquire such qualities. Ifone meets a Jinni who displays truthfulness, knowledge and wisdom which is recognizable by the person in the dream it means that he will receive good news. Seeing Jinn standing by one’s door in a dream means losses, a vow that must be fulfilled, or experiencing bad luck. Seeing Jinn entering one’s house and doing work there in a dream means that thieves may enter that house and cause major losses. If one sees himself teaching the Qur’an to a gatheringofJinn in a dream, it means that he will be appointed to a leadership position. Accompanying Jinn in a dream means familiarity with, and keeping the company of men of knowledge, or people of inner knowledge. If one marries a female from amongst the Jinn in a dream, it means that he will marry an insolent wife, or that he may suffer a great calamity. If a righteous person sees himself chaining Jinn in a dream, it means that he holds fast to his prayers, fasting, controls his carnal self and base desires. Engaging in a battle with Jinn in a dream means that one will be safe from their evil. To befriend a known leader from amongst the Jinn in a dream means becoming a police officer and make it one’s profession to pursue criminals and bandits. It also could mean that one might become a guided man of knowledge or a teacher. Seeing Jinn gathering in a known locality in a dream also may indicate the presence of snakes, scorpions, or what human beings may fear in the wilderness. (Also see Dragon; Pumpkin)

meanings by Al ahsaai

 See the jinn

It is believed that the jinn Youssoson in the chest, it shows diligence worship of God and he joined the acts of worship is of the opinion that the Jinn seized his clothes, the was a factor isolated or farmer fall ill, harm is of the opinion that his successor Jinn it shows nail enemies, and saw that it was unable to jinn are obedient to him, it indicates that for the honor and rank the Sultanate is of the opinion that it is ripe dates upon it gains control over the enemy and saw that it was in the hands of the jinn, it indicates that eloquence is of the opinion that he knew the jinn Koran it for presidency is of the opinion that the jinn entered his home, the thieves they enter, saw that it was returned upon thee If patients died or required a prison or abscond and only work an act of the jinn, and saw that it was a Jinn wrestled it Nzl quarrel or a choking or outsmart them compelling is most likely the owner

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the jinn

Gin and interpreted a large enemy Wily harmful.

It felt: that the jinn whisper in the chest, it shows diligence on the worship of God and acts of worship, and he joined the enemy gains control of the verse, “from the evil of the sneaking whisperer,” verse.

It felt: that the kidnapping of his garment upon thee, the isolate was a factor, although the farmer Faisiba harm to the verse, “tends to be pleased with them Bashma” verse.

It felt: that his successor upon thee nail it shows its enemies.

It felt: it is capable of the jinn and of Damocles them and they are obedient to him it shows for the honor and rank the Sultanate.

It felt: it is being ripe dates upon it he gains the enemy.

It felt: that he became a prisoner in the hands of the jinn, it indicates the scandals.

It felt: that he is pleased to talk to reap it Oaada spent with the people of righteousness and provides for his needs.

It felt: he knows that the jinn Koran Faúl obtaining preside.

It felt: that the Jinn, the thieves entered the house they enter, and may indicate a vision on the vision of the jinn owners scam people in worldly matters and arrogance.

In all, the vision of the jinn construed eight aspects: Vision and the corruption of the enemies of religion, and the lusts of the same hue and functioning and neglect of worship and obedience and yet the people of religion and righteousness and the tendency to eat man’s land.

The madness shall submit a vision he put in his place.

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