See the laughter

Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



D is in a dream the joy and happiness if you do not Bakehgha not lie down on the Alagafa, it was also indicated by crying. If the laughter of the joke, it indicates a lack of chivalry wag in vigilance. As well as the laughter of the simulation it is evidence of falling into the forbidden. And It was said from saw that it was laughs it bode son endowed with.
It felt smile Tbasma for He is good.
It felt the earth laugh shall be the fertile in that place. And if you see the Dead Menem is laughing in the afterlife. And laughter. Lightness and reckless, especially with fate it shows isolation.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Laughter: (Menstruating) Uncontrollable mirth in a dream means a misdeed that one desires to eliminate but to no avail. If one does control his hilarity, or even ifhe repents, he will fall again into the same misdeed. (Also see Menstrual period)


meanings by Al ahsaai

 See the laughter

The laughter it even if they are g Bakhgahh was over and said that he saw some of them laughing and smiling, it Bishara for Mourad

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of laughter

The laughter it is worried and distressed, if Bakhgahh was more to the verse, “Vladgoa little and weep much.”

It felt: he laughs with a smile and get it Bishara Murad says, “smiled the laughing, she said.”

It felt: it laughs, it Bishara a boy smiling contentedly to the verse, “laughed Fbhernaha Isaac.”

The innuendo, it is felt that a wink or Igmzh it is construed in three ways: something hidden and mockery and spend a need, and sang some of them:

Hoajpna provides basic needs for us … We are Scott and fancy speak

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