See the moon and the five car Alondjem

meanings by Al ahsaai


 See the moon and the five car Alondjem

And construed Moon Minister of the Sultan or a worker, as well as Alondjem five car Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn, it saw them euphemistically and demand he give glory and elevation Valzahrh construed wife of King and Mars, owner of the army and the Mercury object and the buyer tank any keeper of the king and the Saturn Owner of punishment and the other stars understand the companions of the Prophet, peace be upon peace and it is believed that he followed them guided and interpreted also under the supervision of the people it saw had met in the event of sunshine, it Salah case of the supervision of people and the meeting told them if he saw had dispersed or obliterated it separation of ordered and the corruption of their experience is of the opinion that it makes anything for her, it makes people like this and saw that it was eat, that the absence of and drive a wedge in people is of the opinion that he took a star from the sky If it is his wife pregnant, was born a son and saw the stars passed on the head or saw her in his house, hit the sultan and the elevation and saw a star fall in the ground is indicated by the fall of the big man on his status, although it absent or presented by the holder had a child Sharif, albeit of the stars, the feminine boy under way and saw a star fall it dies quickly

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