See the nerves

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Nerves: One’s nerves in a dream represent his comportment, bearing and pres-ence. Irritation of one’s nerves in a dream means distress and sorrow. If a nerve is cut off in a dream, it represents a broken life, and for a sick person it represents his death. In a dream, a nerve also represents a master, or a sire, piety, a signing witness, agreements, provisions, property, or family ties. Whatever affects one’s nerves in a dream will reflect upon any of the above. (Also see Body’)

meanings by Al ahsaai


 See the nerves

The nerves and veins are the author of his alone and Onsabh and his cohorts, it is felt in the so-decorated or Lixin Vtaoelh in that it is considered that the nerve of its members or a race, cut or dry it in two ways, either a bug in male or death is of the opinion that the nerves or veins increased it a lot in cohorts and indecency and his descendants were said cutting fine race

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