See the shot of them seek refuge with Allah

meanings by Al ahsaai


See the shot of them seek refuge with Allah

It felt that in the fire of hell is a rebuke to him for the sins of the Egypt which, although valid, it Iham or is located in the scourge or imprison the left to get rid of it is of the opinion that he was staying in did not generate when their income is indicated that it is still in the tight and ordered the deserter is of the opinion that eating of Mokolha something the acts of the sinner but saw a woman that she entered the fire is evidence of her divorce if the divorce harm her and saw her, did not hit him, including hated it from the worries of the world and the sorrows fall ill of them as much as earned it from the heat and saw her in a position indicates that there Gshawma authority, or a man hanging does not solve the haram halal and haraam and be in that position of war, hunger and high prices of goods and

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