Supervisor to see Mecca

meanings by Al ahsaai


Supervisor to see Mecca

Of the opinion that in Mecca or in the way it is alive and pilgrimage, God Almighty and that he was sick, it affects his illness and probably died of it and will enter Paradise, God Almighty is of the opinion that in Mecca, a worker asceticism and righteousness and worship gets him good and benefit of his religious and worldly affairs but felt that Operated with evil and corruption Vdd that is of the opinion that a Mecca hostel is indicated by Iqbal world as well as the people or to perform Hajj in pleasure full safety is of the opinion that, on the campus of Mecca, it is the security of pest world is of the opinion that he entered the house it is safe, which is afraid though charms married or infidel safest or disobedient to his parents or Ibarhama please his asceticism and worship, and indicates that he was lieutenant of prayer and a mosque was baptized

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