the Eve of Peace

Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


the Eve of Peace

Show vision in a dream on the pond in the implant, and the result of the fruits and boys, and generating interest from the industry such as textiles, plowing, blacksmithing, and more. And possibly shown to see Adam and Eve, peace be upon them to move Mnmahl Sharif to Him, and the slippage and falling into the forbidden, gloating and envious, and the concerns of neighbors and Aloncad. And show their vision on the petulance of husbands and children, and to accept the activated and repentance and remorse for what has happened. Eve, the woman saw them in a dream of peace introduced Aloncad worries and perhaps plagued by the scourge of the same severe it is the first of her menses from women, and probably dealt with the rope and childbirth, and perhaps gave birth to good kids. Although the irony of her husband or absent with him, she returned to him, and met him, and perhaps gave birth to a baby of Kdha solver. It was perhaps shed the blood of their offspring, and kill the soul which Allah has forbidden to kill her.
and Eve saw the peace, he is deceived by the words of a woman.
It felt Eve peace be upon her beautiful face it his mother or because they are Muslims. And that was in the cloud Faraj him. The woman carried the words and still short of his presidency.


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