Seeing The the fort In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The the fort In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The the fort In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi the fort

Shows in a dream to adopt honesty, what was said honesty fortress.
and perhaps Del fort on the owner, or of its Soldiers, or the enemy.
and perhaps indicated by the flag. And the Koran and holed it from the devil and his soldiers Kalheiakl and great names, Vibrajh princes, and balconies or recruited by his bodyguards, spies and its goals, its doors and veil, and I said his minister, and his family and his relatives Rdin or vaults, which spends them. The saw as if in a fortress, and was fit for a king or the king married, if single, or livelihood, and a son or a screwdriver or bought the safest, if an infidel, or repent to Allaah from his sins. And the fort indicates that Islam, it is felt that in a fortress or a castle in it alive Nska in religion, and righteousness and Aqlaaa for his sins as far as position of the fort and enable it. The fort was in vigilance in the water, and saw in a dream that he has become in the wilderness and the enemy was able to reign. Though the fort in the wilderness and saw that it was now in the mountain or water returned him disappointed.
and saw that it was built a fortress it is holed up on his enemies, or guarding private parts of the land, and guarding his money and himself from calamity and humiliation.
It felt that it might spoil his fort, home or palace is corruption of religion and worldly affairs, or the death of his wife.
It felt like sitting on the edge of Fort benefited a brother or a president or a son survive him. It was said the fort fortified man can not be one, it is seen from afar, he said altitude and fortify his private parts. [See Rabat. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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