Seeing The the grave In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The the grave In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The the grave In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi the grave

Is in a dream prison, and prison tomb, it is felt that a neighborhood inhabited tombs it imprisoned. It built a tomb in a dream house age. And digging graves was a bachelor, married.
and saw that it was based on the tomb of a sin committed, saying the Almighty {not up to one of them and do not never died at his grave} . It is digging a grave in a land where they house the wall of the Hereafter, the income has come for him. And tombs known is right, and tombs unknown people are hypocrites, says {And you are (buried) in graves of} . It is digging graves on the surface of it long life. And visited the graves it is to visit prisoners. And rain on the graves of the mercy of God. The graves show travel, couples and prisons.
It felt that bridge the grave of long life and lasting health.
It felt that he was buried in the tomb is not to die Faisiba are or shortness of his command.
It felt that graves of dead he asked his way, the deceased was a scientist, this flag fall ill, though he is rich Faisiba sang, the conclusion reached in his grave saw him alive, that money is forbidden, although he found dead did not hurt that demand.
and saw that it was dug grave of the Messenger of Allah, it renews the lesson of his year, but the broken bones he goes out to the heresy and misguidance. The graves of an infidel or a fad or a disclosure request from the people of the doctrine of the people of misguidance or handled money haram deceit and deception, and that led to the exhumation skunk carcass that was evidenced in the required access to the corruption. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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