Seeing The the hill In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The the hill In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The the hill In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi the hill

Is a dangerous man in a dream is great, and architecture around his family. It felt flat to the ground where the mound or hill visible, that the hill a man with a minimum capacity of as much as it is from the ground plane. And if he sees it is based on that hill, or position has been attached by the defiantly disobedient louder than once or it depends on the man, aged him. Perhaps the mound on which it is, a structure built by the owner, and does it, and saw that it was the rest of the hills, it survives.
It felt as if he had stepped read it heads to the cleric.
and saw that it was above the high place it receives the elevation and power, and the principality and an increase in the wealth, prestige and power and glory.
It felt like a come down from a high place, it affects them and the mines and humiliation.
It felt like a hill of clay, it receives the property and power and utility. And if the ground is a function of the men, because of which they created and Ncz Every hill and shows the plight of rose mentioned. The hills and mounds indicate the places of high rank and noble and good boats. It is felt himself to be above any of them, it was sick, that coffin, especially if the people under it, although not sick and he was a student of the marriage he married an honest woman high above, its capacity minimum as far as whale mound of dirt, sand, and if he sees that he preaches to people over the hill, or authorized, if eligible for the king bestowed, or eliminate, or fatwa, or prayer or sermon because it is the supervision of the shrines of the people.
It felt flat to the ground where a hill, it is a man of reputation among the people around him as much as from the ground plane. And those who sat upon the hill position, if it is the dustbin of the world in which everything, and perhaps indicated by the wife or the woman made. Although not the dustbin of the hill, but was not followed by the droop it shows high regard with safety consequences. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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