the mosque

Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


the mosque

Is a man in a dream world.
and saw that it was build a mosque that indicates the best years, and ties of kinship, and the inauguration of the judiciary that was worthy of it.
It felt a mosque full of tight man, it brings people to him and compose them in Salah and the good. The mosque Anhedm saw it dies there is the head of a world religion and rituals. But felt that an unidentified man prays in the mosque and the imam of the mosque was sick, it dies. But felt that his house was turned mosque Nska hit land, and honor. But felt that the mosque is a man turning a bathroom Mistura sexual relations. The mosque shows on the market and trade. It built a mosque bladders God has established the truth, and enjoin kindness, and forbade the evil, and that was a world class book, benefit people with his knowledge, though he is rich led ALMS, though a bachelor, married, and was married to livelihood and a son, and shot to mention the good, albeit a poor dismissed, and only bring people to do good, and augmented to obey God. And that may not be built, including its construction, or deviated to the mihrab is indicated by the evil part.
It felt that it Atfgah build a mosque in the religion or pilgrimage, or build what lasts like a bath or a hotel or shop, or otherwise.
and saw that it was a mosque roof it is reliable orphans, although it increased in the mosque in the religion of more than a good deed or good character. The shop became a mosque moved del earning halal, or mixed halaal and haraam, or combination of silks and water only. Mosques and abandoned indicates neglect scientists and invalidate the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, and show the ascetics who have dropped out of this world is of the opinion that the income from the door of the mosque fell in prostration it alive and repentance He says {and enter the gate prostrate and say forgive you your sins} .
is of the opinion that he arrived the mosque and found him locked him for opening it assigns a man in the religion of him and save him from it and improve praise when people, and saw that he entered the mosque, a passenger, it goes a relative of his own, preventing them from head with.
It felt that die in the mosque indicates that prevail over the enemy, says { He ordered them to those who wronged them to a mosque Ntakzn} , and the entry of the Grand Mosque in Mecca demonstrates the security of the sincerity of fear and promise. [See the mosque].

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