the mountain

Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


the mountain

A man in a dream is a high regard, with a harsh voice impervious, mastermind of the command is fixed. Or that the President or dealer, or a woman that difficult if the harsh mountain flat round. Or that they or g or travel. If the mountain grows upon the water plant and it is the religion of his king. If you do not plant it, water it overwhelming infidel king, because he does not swim Calmette God, people do not benefit from it.And the mountain indicates that the existing neighborhood. The man saw that he live up a mountain and drink of its water, and was qualified to state, it follows the mandate by the king of a huge, hard heart. The merchant was ordered up, and easy to rise from the non-fatigue, difficulty climbing his labor in that state. And if he sees that he praised Allah, he has authority, it would be fairer, although it is overshadowed by the infringe. The God worshiped there or authorized mandate of the Crown, and nail Bteke, though, and automatically isolate, although the merchant lost his remorse, the owner saw him and his army of Sultan, the Sultan is God Almighty. And his host of angels who are the victors, so the vision often affects the strength and nail Nska. And if he sees that he ascended the mountain free of the plant, it enters into the work of the kaafir king bestowed them, and Aqaba death and severity, the fell of it survived, it rose therefore high and the Sultanate with a bit of fatigue, and rocks on the mountain and trees that are there, all this represents a pimp that King, and they are ruthless.And if he sees around him a stone, it obtained the presidency.
It felt that it fell from the mountain, it commits a sin, and fall ill, the damage in the body, or fall at his rank and change the status in which he was. The broken leg it drops from the eye of that king, and wounding him in his property damage. And if he sees that he climbs a mountain and reached half can not climb it, not get off of it, it dies in the half-life. The thought that went up when sat upon him was born generates huge, and all the elevation rise, fall and all the attitude, if the rise indicates the evidence they get off the vagina, and each is indicated by the rise of the state, the decline is evidence of separation. The thought that the mountain burned or fell it is a great man dies of danger, or be overwhelmed by the Sultan, and that the fire authority, the quiver mount and then settled the king of that land hit by a disaster or severe, then ordered him to serve and ordered the people of his kingdom. Conquer the mountain, it is a great danger man invincible. Though it was based is based on a high risk to the king, sat in the shade it lives in the Islamic rule, and the rest to him.Download the saw that it was a mountain Vthagl therefore carries a huge hoard a large dealer or weigh, therefore, eased eased it. Saw the mountain came down from heaven and came to the town. Ascended the mountain to the sky isolate. And if he sees that he entered a cave in Mount win it the right way in his affairs, and handles the Sultan and his intense. The income it is plotted in the cave of a king or a man impervious. He was received by the Mount Vistqublh they or travel, or a man impervious to harsh, or a woman is difficult or difficult, harsh impregnable. And if he sees that he is thrown from the mountain, it is thrown words. The view that it is a good covering of his power stronger and congratulate. And if he sees that he ascended the mountain, the mountain until they shall submit the same. Each sees the rise of rights on the obstacle or a mountain or a hill or other surface or Neil need it wants. And it was said equator rise hardship, and if he sees that he fell from a hill or mountain, the palace or which is not invalidated by preparing requested.
and saw the mountain from afar traveled or are afflicted. And it was said that the era of the mountain. Ibn Sirin said Almighty God’s mercy Who saw that it was on a mountain, it has hampered approached him. He turned on the mountain is his death.The thought that he may at the foot of Mount duration and survival. Felt that the move a mountain, the king of that land travel. And it was said that he saw from up in the Mount won the state and the elevation. And it was said of the saw a mountain of mountains, it receives good and blessing.
It felt as if the mountains Tzlazelt then stabilized, the formidable heavily enters in the town.
It felt trees on a mountain, it gain prestige and status, and an honor and a male among the people.
It felt as if the presidents met on the top of a mountain, they Bmaton in that town without her family, or suffer the gm asked God something evil. The mountains and hills in the vision show on a cloud is severe, and panic disorder and unemployment.
It felt as if he swallowed a mountain height of more than five hundred leagues it will be strong men under his control and obey Him.
It felt like a climb serious obstacle to a place of broad it Siatq necks, or nearly orphans, or treated patients and improve them.
It felt as if entered in the cave Faisiba security and trust in Allah Almighty and tranquility.
and perhaps Del mountain of the marina, which prove the ship.
and perhaps Del mountain on from home to man it, and avail himself of shadow, and shelter him as Mr. and father, and inferred good man and bad including the mountain of water, trees and fruit or Baaloh. And demonstrates the promise of the mountain.
and perhaps indicated by the intensity and fear for the traveler or drown in the sea.The thought that the mountain has become Kzlh Chamaj and indicated what requires a torment. The thought that went up on a mountain, it found the water fresh, fruit or anything that eats its human barricaded monogamous with good, or learn a note delivered from ignorance, or learn industry which he has had luck, or obtain a position remarkable, or travel travel useful, or serve the sultan, or promised to be the promise of good result. Ascended the mountain of the way things came straight from her face.The mountain was a mountain of mountains honest or Mount Arafat or Mount S Joudi or a mountain or mountain Kassioun or Mount Sinai and the like, it seeks to serve Sadat of scientists and the righteous. Perhaps he traveled to that side and was meant by them. The thought that the mountain KD it dies or singles, and perhaps won the seer and humility Nska. And the mountains indicate the kings and princes, and the righteous and scientists.
and perhaps the owner of Del mountain and our religion.
and drilling wells in the mountain or transfer it to another place stones, it contests the callous man, and tries to be correct, and the discomfort and fatigue. But felt the mountains are going with him it shows that the war is moving the Kings to each other, or there will be a difference or disorder being between earth scientists in the charm and intensity perish the public.
and saw in a dream that he escaped from the ship to mount it Aatb and destroy the story of son Noah peace, or it is located in violation of the opinion of the group, and the monopoly Bilhawa and innovation, and perhaps it was falling from the mountain shows fall into sin and immorality and strife, may indicate to leave sin and give up fads if he fled like that, or was falling from a mosque or a kindergarten and so on. The mountain rose in the air over the heads of creatures, it remains a great fear on people in terms of the owner, and that the children of Israel lifted the mountain above them Kalmazlh frightening to them from God, and a threat for sedition. And the conduct of the mountain may indicate a plague, and the back of the mountain ash or dust is not good in it.
and saw that it was based on a mountain it depends on the big man, obtained at his hands, honor and good in his home, and saw that it was related to him it is about a man as well.
It is considered that the demolition of a mountain, it destroys a man as much as the mountain, and said Anhedm years old.
It felt that he threw himself from the mountain, carried out his words in the Sultan fall ill.
and saw that it was up a mountain, and his sword, Wuxi there is a dress, or with the Sultan, it affects the authority, or undermine good and the elevation.
It felt that he wanted the rise of the mountain, it flatters a man callous far vigor, when he has obtained it on the mountain is very expectation of it.
It is believed that the mountain had diving in the ground, the Sultan of that land to die.

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