the mud

Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


the mud

Is in a dream for those who walked the Finale strife and hardship.
and saw that it was walking in the mud and they fear it. And if he saw the mud as long as the patient’s illness, only to see it out of him. And non-patient income if it walked in the prison or the scourge. The mud puddle and hit him for us no good because it is indicative of the sorrow and affliction and rivalry. The scourge of mud feud and moodiness, and perhaps indicated by the religion or speech in the show, and perhaps indicates that women’s pregnancy if the child mentioned, says {Verily We created man from a quintessence of clay} . And demonstrates the mud to disrupt the movements and cut the prayers. If the mud and about Achtqgueth. Perhaps the tables of mud to the reader, and perhaps indicates the mud on the pride blessings or shirk or thought in God.
and perhaps Del mud on women bad morals difficult anchors. The land was barren and the mud in a dream saw the Gospel of his grass in abundance. Though the mud from the well indicated by the inheritance and the appearance of the pond or deposits and the sacraments. [See the mud.

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