the nail

Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


the nail

In a dream indicates the increase of science, and the road to God, or give him money for, though a bachelor, married.

. the nail

Shows in a dream to nail enemies, and perhaps indicates the length of the nail on the capacity in the provision or the rejection because the length of the nail contrary to the Sunnah, and the refusal contrary to the Sunnah. And the length of the nail indicates the power and money and have a weapon on his enemies and prevent them. It still continues its nails.
It felt longer than the nails nail it he gains by his enemy. Cut the nail or a year out money in the loan. The whiteness of the nails indicates the conservation and understanding. And the vision of the nails in the amount of Saladin and the world. The pen it comes out Zakat breaking.
It is believed that the nails become Makhlba it superior to his opponent or the enemy that was in the war.

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