the nation

Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


the nation

The nation’s vision in a dream evidence of an animal to serve. The proof of the channel Dar conducted dirt, dirt, and a guide on what Atah rights of the mat and boots.
and perhaps indicated by the money or the glory and wealth and victory over enemies or boat.
It felt he had bought the ongoing white, it wins in his business, and being good. If it bought a small ongoing need that can not be applied to it. The black slave bought it escapes them.
It felt pretty under way, the news comes to him a good come to him, though his livelihood when the Sultan Reserve it takes, even if it is absent it come to him.Although the current ugly came to him some of what he dislikes.
It felt Ttarah people going on the market or invite them to a butcher, the trial will take place between people.

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