the needle

Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi

the needle

Are in a dream, a function of the bachelor on the marriage, and for the poor to cover the case.
It felt a thread in the needle, the would heal, and meet him was scattered from his command.
It felt that Abernh which sews the broken, or taken away, the would disperse and spoil his command. And also indicate the needle on women to enter the thread. As well as the obelisk it is considered that the obelisk in his hand and his wife was pregnant and gave birth to his son. Because there was no pregnancy is indicated on the travel. If a person sees that he eats a needle, it leads to the secret of the matter.
It felt that stitches needle stab it in person. And sew clothes for the people it advise them, and seeks to Salah among them, because in the language of the Arabs Nasah Khayat, and the needle is Almnsahh, and the thread is mentor. The sew clothes sacked if he is poor, and he was reunited if the dashing, and Ansaleh case that he is corrupt. But felt it his clothes, he repents of absence, or forgiveness of sin, if Rafiyeh proficient, and only apologized unlawfully, and repented of followed him, was degraded from his remedial, and it says in the parable of the slag was breached, and he repents his bookshelf.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the needle

As for the needle, it indicates the request of Salah works seer, it is felt with his hand sewing needle and it shows the regularity of work and wasteful upright Under conditions of his needs.

It felt: Abernh broken or Aauajjt it shows Tekas conditions and discrimination works.

It felt: that eating a needle, it indicates the good consequences of his affairs and get the benefits and Alemradat.

It felt: that he had given him a needle it shows diligence in Salah affairs of that person.

It felt: that with many needles or bought it testifies to the goodness and righteousness in the works, and the needle was a strong man fall because of familiarity, although there is a thread indicated by the use of affinity.

It felt: he eats a needle leads to the mystery of kept up.

And told that a man came to Ibn Sirin said: I like to give five needles is not a breach of a needle where the breach Through his vision some of the companions of Ibn Sirin said needles are the five that do not breach the five boys and the needle in which the breach was born is fully Fuld his children as he put it.

It felt: it hit the needle, the needle to its owner, Salah is the cause of reunification, if the sewing thread or if it would heal and summon his command of what was sporadic.

It felt: that Abernh which sews the broken and Ankrmt or taken away, it would disperse and spoil his command.

It felt: they lost it or stolen it can not be done for him what is in it I mean what the intention of things and would disperse.

Accrue to marriage and the needle of the Aazb to enter the thread.

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