The vision of-Mu’izz


Interpretation of Al zahri


The vision of-Mu’izz

 They draw on:

Kirmani said: the types of goats: Tess and the goat, and my grandfather and Skhal The goat man, it is construed with a large measure in the works of this world .

 Is of the opinion: that King Tissa, injury or his property or he construed his knees and the status of obtaining the elevation at the great man of great destiny.

 It felt: he was killed Tessa unknown, it construed the nail man is huge and its interpretation in the rest of what he sees human Ktaoelh ram. It was the vision of a man stinking goat shall devolve on the original status.

 The comforter, it is felt that hit the goat or the course of the king, they are sheep because they are without it devolves Valenjh Balagamah comforter and construed in Arabic that are in the money without it as well.

 But seriously, it saw that it was seriously wounded, it affects children.

 It felt: that slaughter is a serious eating it interpreted the death of the child.

 It felt: that slaughter to eat it seriously affects the money on the child, and was probably a little bit.

 It felt: that the slaughter of a serious scruff of his neck, it plays with a boy, and that made it Enkha.

 It felt: that meat came a serious hit money.

It was narrated from Imam Ali Karam Allah face that said: It is believed that he held a serious and willing to pull him to his home and then slaughter and eat it, it indicates the disappearance of his poverty with him for forty years, and was construed by the military, though it is accompanied by commoners in return .

 The child with Alskhalh Vtúl and interpreting Ktaoal Capricorn and Capricorn, but attributed to males and females to Alskhalh.

 It is it considers that: that he sponsors the Skhala many it fall ill, are the worried and distressed. It was the vision of inter whether goats or goat Tiosa and serious or Salcah and supervision of people who God Almighty knows best.

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