The vision of the guard and Aljladh Alazavih


Interpretation of Al zahri


The vision of the guard and Aljladh Alazavih

The warden Fraaahm indicate they are distressed and narrow.

The Aljladh Fraaahm indicate you want to access quickly.

The Alazavih Vtúl on four aspects: the rule of pilgrimage and travel and proceed to the order.

It felt: Aldharaben Balosoat outrageous Kalmgara Fidel and the like that there are those prepared by the promise and lies.

Alkhafrai vision and perception of employers and the guards

Saw the sentinel of policing it, especially if it supernatant was said claim.

It felt: His Venzirh Derek Derek was said to contain on the order concept.

It felt: a guard asks what it finds. It was a vision that is all if there is evidence of good is good and God knows best.

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