The vision of young


Interpretation of Al zahri


The vision of young

Of the opinion that he gave him a small handsome face, it shall be construed in two ways: if the king and the Gospel has not carried on the arms.

It felt: it is a small and sorrow are.

It felt: it carries a small Qamath it escapes are distressed unless Echtbt small, and was told that he was afraid to be safe.

It felt: It may be interpreted in the swaddle Faúl on four aspects: money to go and imprisonment, disease, and the mind to go, but felt so poor he lives to the very end of life.

It felt: known for playing no small Mahmoud, though he was playing to learn what is happening to him that as a result Vdd.

It felt: small children and that pride, hold it and went to his house for money and it is a blessing.

It felt: that the demise of small lost it and was told they willingly disturb.

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