Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Threat: Receiving a threat in a dream means victory over one’s assailant, oppo-nent, or adversary, or it could mean developing a defence mechanism against any danger from that side. If the threat comes from an unknown person, such a person is a Satan, particularly if the threat is directed against one’s prayers, charitable actions, or devotion. A threat in a dream also represents the trials of a love story. (Also see Slapping on the cheek)

Threshing To beat grains out of husks in a dream represents savings one accumulates from a long and a hard-working job. Threshing in a dream could represent money which is earned through someone else’s labor, or it could mean acquiring knowledge.

Thrift shop (Also see Used clothing)Throat (Life; chastity. See BodyThrobbing (Also see Palpitation)Throne (See Carriers of the Divine Throne; Chair; Divine Throne) Throng: (See Crowd)


Throw in the towel: (See Towel) Throw pillow: (See Pillow)Throw (See Cast’; Thrust)Throwing apples If one sees the ruler or the governor throwing apples at him in a dream, it means that he is sending him his emissaries, and usually such a dream carries glad tidings. (Also see Cast”)

Throwing stones: Throwing stones from a high altitude down in every direction in a dream means being unjust toward others though from a position of strength.
(Also see Cast’; Stoning; Hazelnut; Rocks)Thrust (Hurl; Press; Shove; Squeeze; Throw) In a dream, thrust means engaging in a narrow sighted project, entering a close race, entertaining a project of little importance, participating in a project with a narrow or a difficult way out, or perhaps it could mean death.Thrusting (See Bullfight; Thrust)Thumb If one measures a house or a shop with his thumb in a dream, it means that he will own that place. (Also see Measure)

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