To see excavation

meanings by Al ahsaai



 To see excavation

The excavation, it is felt that unearth the tomb of one of the prophets and the righteous it Mojtahd in the behavior of his method is of the opinion that unearth the tomb of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, it renews the lesson from the year of the noble and gets people on his hands well and that came to the corpse honest it is not Mahmoud, the break a bit of its members, it commits heresy and misguidance We seek refuge with Allah from it and saw that it was unearth the tomb of one of the people it Mojtahd while the route of is of the opinion that dig for his body, it Mojtahd in the request for this world, won nothing Zafar its needs and that has not been given opposite is is of the opinion that dig graves sprung up from it man alive, it is better and pleasure, especially if the piety of the people it good in this world and the Hereafter and saw something of the animal dug in his home he is an enemy Fleihdhirh

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