Violet vision


Interpretation of Al zahri


Violet vision

 The Violet saw it growing out of his time in it for the benefit of a woman or by current or kicking a child, though he saw Moktova it shows sadness, and was told if she saw a woman picked Bnevsja of his race and gave it to her husband, it shows her divorce.

 It felt: Bnevsja and gave it to his servant, it shows Abagh.

 It felt: it gave him a bouquet violet it shows the band, and it was said Violet in progress and captured kissing her.


Ace Revelation

 The Ace it construed a free man with a long-lived sense of humor and the beauty and the perfection of the mind of the people of Beit Sherif and fit in with friends or a woman with these qualities.

 It felt: he has the ASA gets his friendship with such a man who said his description of it and gets better.

 It felt: that breaking the rod of AS it gets him a band of those qualities, and said Ace was born with the benefit of good character and good living.

The woman felt she gave the bouquet to her husband Ace, it indicates the stability of marriage between them .

 It felt: he gave the bouquet to a friend Ace, it indicates the stability of their friendship because the ace in the green all the time.

Ace and the vision of women’s pair and men’s mandate remain and lasting pleasure, and perhaps Del ace to the people .


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