Vision agents


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision agents

Of view and none of them knew about something he dislikes, or summoned by the governor is not good, although the patients is indicated by the expiration of him, though none of them disputed in the contested order or Vtúl with extreme caution.

It felt: that Ibzy his tongue on one of them commits it invincible at his command.

It felt: one of them it is soft and cunning deception of it then so be vigilant.

It felt: it has become one of the agents or of obtaining the benefit of his home Faúl.

It felt: none of the agents known harm For two reasons: to get a fine or enemy retaliation.

Bardeddaria vision and the apostles and the captains

Vision of the need to spend Bardeddaria construed Izz and prestige.

It felt: that he became king when Brddara just get it good and good and lawful sustenance alive, though the king otherwise it is haraam, Universal access and functioning of corruption.

It felt: The term was governor of any actions and statements as provided in the agents. It was a vision Bardeddar show things to solve the complex.

The vision of Captain tender Universal access from any one.

It felt: a messenger came from a place in the form of good is not good.

As for the rest of the vision Almrgevin Kalojoaqah, postal, and Algosad Drivers who come by order Faúl outrageously so in two ways: either the gospel or good they are and calamity.

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