Vision Alajafana


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision Alajafana

 And As for Alajafana they shall devolve glory and altitude-Qadr and the of grace and worry, distress and the catastrophe and speech falsehood and the things off this forum.

 It felt: that the king gave him, he felt Ajafana attributed the elevation and, if not he is relieving worry and distress, but if he knew it benefit the people of his knowledge.


Revelation Hair

 As for the hair and sing, it is felt that it seeks to poetry, if it Khany There is no good and it is not a vision, but the wisdom is good for saying peace be upon him: that of the hair for a reason.

And Ibn Sirin: the hair is not praise for being null and void and poetry in praise of the Prophet and so on of words and wisdom it is Mahmoud, said spinning indicates mourning, have already discussed this in his class, has been mentioned here About him so as not devoid of meaning because that is a sort of amusement .

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