Vision Alfajth

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision Alfajth

The Alfajth, Ibn Sirin said: Alfajth missing woman debt Tdara bad attitude with people.

It felt: he grabbed Fajth or given to him by a Tzuge it is construed as a woman described as male.

It felt: he grabbed the chick Fajth it shows for a son.

And the vision of meat chick Alfajth evidence for money on the women as much as what he saw and stores, and was told Alfajth born liar, it is felt that gave him Fajth it shows for the effective Born bad liarĀ .

It felt: that Fajth shouted once on the surface Fidel on the news from absent, and shouted twice, it is not good, and shouted three times on the news of Fidel’s good.

It felt: that Fajth Fidel spoke to him on that one thing prepared successor.

It felt: that Fajth Zaga and income at home it shows that there are those who steal from his luggage.

In all, the vision Alfajth interpreted in three ways: a woman and a boy and a server.


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