Vision Alnrges


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision Alnrges

 The Alnrges For ways:

He is a man nice and the owner of the beauty and perfection, or a beautiful woman with the words of a tortured man and woman husband wife .

 It felt: that he gave to one of his relatives Nrgesa it shows that he is, and was told Alnrges friend.

 It felt: that it be Jade Nrgesa Mnschera of charity and goodness.

 It felt: Nrgesa much in the ground, it indicates an increase in his family.

And told that one day a woman came to the crossing Alohuane she said to him: if I saw my husband handed me Nrgesa and handed Dharta Asa said, divorce and stick Bdhartk As I heard the words of the poet :

Narcissus is not for the era … but the Covenant to Las

It was narrated that few came out through the vision and bringing it to the onion-Mutawakkil ordered him and treat him as it praised him .

Some of them said that in yellow indicate Alnrges JD and white which indicates the AED meted seer, and sang some of the poets in the sense :

Otalna what it gave to us … Tgmadhana Alnrges implicitly

Vdlna on that … that it required zero and Beida

 It felt: Nrgesa interpreted it in a dish with a woman-owned or ongoing beauty and women her husband does not last, though she had a husband died or divorced her.

 It felt: he marveled Nrgesa growing out of the good created by GBS and maximize forgiveness construed it as stated on trustworthy.

And told them that he saw Abu Nawas after his death in a dream, thinking it worse said to him, what did God forgive me, you said I said in the verses Alnrges :

Think of the land and plant … to see what the effects of making Alumblyk

Eyes of the principals … Jane is the gold Bahdaq Sbak

The cane … peridot witnesses that God has no partner

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