Vision Alqaba

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision Alqaba

The Alqaba, Ibn Sirin said: If Alqaba of clothes to wear, it usually construed strongly and travel.

If the white and it shows a broad relief from distress.

If it is Gazz it shows for the honor of the great amount, but hated religion and his vision of the men are not Bmahmodh hated for being in the canon and was told unequivocally that the war is heading in the nail indicates that, although not so he is.

If the color green or white, it indicates an increase in debt.

If it is yellow construed weak and dieback.

If the blue it indicates misfortune.

If it shows a black sadness and grief.

And if colored, it indicates the regularity of its affairs.

If the obsolete torn it shows sadness and decrease the money.

It felt: that disarmament Qabah or removed from a team he construed his wife either divorce or death.

It felt: that wearing Atapia Quba a new, if it is eligible for state Izz Iqbal and prestige, though not worthy of grief that he is distressed and blame.

In all, the vision Alqaba construed to seven aspects: survival, strength, and travel and nail and the honor and benefit of the Izz.

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