Vision Altjut

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision Altjut

The Takht Fraaah construed ways:

It saw that it was sitting on the Takht and Takht Mpsot thing it shows on travel.

It felt: that he was sleeping or reclining on the Takht and above and below something Mpsot it shows honor and wealth and conquer the enemy as much as the value of the Takht and classed and bone, and was probably unaware of obedience to God, but from the people of corruption, it hardens, especially if he sees himself asleep on the Takht.

It felt: he sat on the Takht-Queen, it was worthy of it, he must of the King, although not eligible for this calamity, and it is famous for is poor.

It felt: Takhta carved it construed the position in which bestowed with the integrity and the things people due to this that sat on it and only it does not matter.

It felt: Takhta sandal from the owner and he knows it gets interpreted the position in which he has praised Hassan, the owner did not know the expression it returns, especially if it sat.

In all, the vision of Takht devolve on nine aspects: pride, honor and travel and tidy and the altitude and the mandate and the extent and prestige.

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