Vision Altuasim

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision Altuasim

As for wearing a Altuasim the people of Hijaz and types diverge from what is Bashrak, including what is without a face, it is felt that it was lost traps Tasomth be disabled for travel.

It felt: that the black Tasomh in the leg, it travels in the Salah of his religion.

Though they are red because of travel shall be joy and companionship.

But Yellow gets in his discomfort and disease.

Although the green Vsverh be for the benefit of the Hereafter.

Whether or not colored Fidel grace and money in traveling.

It felt: that impede travel to the lack of Altasomh it alive and ongoing.

It felt: he put on a high place Tasomth it shows Mjamath his wife.

It felt: that someone took and hid in Tasomth it shows the subject of corruption with his wife and judgment in the burning and cutting, as provided in slippers.

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