Vision among birds


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision among birds

And will come detailed expression of each of them remembered the expression of each of the unit to understand the meaning of it.

Ibn Sirin said: Whenever a person sees a large bird, it construed its high ambition .

It felt: birds crying in place construed mind and misfortune for the people of that place. It was of the opinion that he was speaking with a bird it for glory and the elevation and the death of bird in the hand for no reason to get worried and distressed.

It felt: it carries the birds on the back for it and the horror of those who are the bird was attributed to him.

It felt: birds sat above his head it for the benefit and interest.

It felt: he hit a bit of Coots, whether known or not known to get it good and principality and understand what he wants as far as the birds in the bones and feathers freak out unless to do so. It was said of him saw the birds landed it shows for Murad, but felt otherwise Vtobeirh against him.

It felt: bird rip his eyes, it shows the corruption of religion of the people and said bird water better vision than the rest of the birds, their meat and feathers and bones money and status, because their living from the land and sea, and was told birds known construed boys and unknown interpreted the gospel, and if the birds were combined on the head it is construed Bariyash great meaning in the story of Solomon peace be upon him, “And the birds gathered each obedient to him.”

And the king if the birds in a cage have to shout it from the lack of in prison as well as they .

The beak and interpreted it with money and power, it is felt that it hit Menkara receive money who gave him the beak. But if a person sees that he has made it Menkara he put in his class in term of appearance. The feathers of any kind was it money and the grace and the good and benefit.

If a person sees that he has submitted it as a bird feathers he put it in a dream also mentioned .

The fishing in terms of the sentence is for money and the spoil from the face of a solution.

It felt: that in order to catch what he construed his obedient good and beneficial and Sports and the attainment of intended, but felt otherwise Vtobeirh against him, and may indicate a vision of fishing and wanted to agree if he saw the corruption of the people that it would be great thieves.

It felt: that it hunts construed novelty in religion and believe the words of falsehood and perjury.

It felt: that the blood came from a member of fishing without surgery it is construed as weakness and lack of religion, opinion and measure.

The rook and interpreted it with good, high rank, high rank and respect, happiness, glory and wealth and entry into force of the command.

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