Seeing The Vision and the weakness of the disease In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision and the weakness of the disease In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision and the weakness of the disease In The Dream Interpretation of Al zahri Vision and the weakness of the disease

Kirmani said: weakness and disease is not Mahmoud because of corruption in religion to the verse, “While not over the hypocrites,” the verse. Perhaps the frequent falsehoods. It was felt that from a long illness, he will meet God on a good condition.

It felt: it is a disease of the pain he felt delight not die that year, and was told the disease are distressed, perhaps because it violates the wants, of things.

But felt that the patient has returned a true or speak to the people he is innocent and Ichaelmonh for healing, but felt that and it does not speak with one of the outside of his home perhaps indicated by his death .

It felt: that the patient is not a Sultan Mahmud against the seer, and that was between him and a quarrel Mgelbo it.

The thought of this vision is in a war injury in surgery of its members .

It felt: he is weak, it is over-performance of obligations, although it was not done right, and was doubled twice the capacity and the lack of interest, not only that Mahmoud to see the man that his wife is weak it Salah in her religion.

It felt: that fun is no good when there is nothing wrong for the weak to see the same fat. It was a vision of the disease Faraj g and win over the enemy and wounding money.

It felt: in a dream is evidence of good and wanted so that the patient waiting for healing and oppressed waiting for the nail, said before what its fertile other Alory etc. if it was with poverty and Ankhaddaa, and the rich is poverty and need, not that Mahmoud them, and was told the tumor imprisonment, especially if he complained of weak Valmuseibh greatest.

It felt: it’s a weak header, it indicates that he committed many sins to God and Fletb and give due perhaps forgive him for the verse, “Whoever of you is ill or has harmed his head” verse.

It felt: it pains him that his forehead decrease in the standing or status.

It felt: that it is vulnerable in his eyes a decrease in the living who are distressed and saddened, may provide some of the members to talk about the eye. But if anyone saw or Adawiyeh Aekhalh it testifies to the goodness and righteousness.

It felt: that the ear hears it the ache of what he hates his enemies.

It felt: that the nose or disheartened by what praise does not like him in real life it is up to harmful.

It felt: that it pains him to his tongue and in his right mind, and may be a lie.

It felt: that in his mouth, weakness and pain it is to deny his words, who speaks of it.

It felt: that the weakness in his mouth, which it pains him worried and distressed and saddened.

It felt: that their teeth ache for it are on the one hand and distressed relatives.

It felt: that Briqpth ​​and it hurts It pains him to be neglected is a trust that has not fulfilled it.

It felt: that his heart is weak and has pain, it eats man’s land.

It felt: that his back by the weakness of it is not good, and maybe if he gets his older Igmh what, perhaps indicated by the humiliation.

It felt: that Bjunbh hurts and it shows Khater disturb the heart and hand, his people, and a narrow chest.

It felt: that the disease is Bqaibdh it pains him to be a little pity for his family he has no regard for them.

It felt: that it is a disease in his hand Iszewo his brother or his friend or his partner.

It felt: that his finger weakness and pain, it would be remiss in his prayers.

It felt: that is weak and has chest pain, it is important to be right in his family does not satisfy them in their power.

It felt: that vulnerable parents, was tongue in cheek, or one in which there is nothing good was said about the retreat minimum.

It felt: it serves the poor, it earns the reward and was told to draw closer to corrupt religion which in his opinion as to improve the blameworthy.

It felt: that it is an imposter. Colnja to his family in his living.

The pain in the breasts it harm.

It felt: that afflicted his body and what it eats and other Kalhuam it affects a lot of money and Hacma and Ayala. The urine is Assar obtain what he hates man was said to be weak.

It felt: none of the employers’ treatment which heals nothing pains him it shows a coincidence who gets the benefit of it and God knows best.

It felt: that his eyesight pain from cough and left by a mine, it complains about the status of one because of his money, and fill Psogah the complaint be assignee, although the cough wet, it complains of his household, though the blood of it complains of his children, although the yellow it is a few atomic and he is short tempered, though the presence of cough with positions, it would be worried because of religion. It was a vision weakness of cough indicates the ability and weaknesses.

It felt: he wanted a weak cough that did not come out of it there is no good, and may be near him.

It felt: that twice as a young man appeared and wanted him to cough phlegm, it is better and Faraj, who are coughing and east of it dies and the best in the East.

It felt: it’s a weak cough does not repent, but the rise in immorality and disobedience. It was the vision of diseases of the moisture indicating Balafraid tolerance and good deeds and evidence of the disease are hot by the king, and the diseases of dryness, it devolves money lavishly in the non-pleasure of God and take the debts of people did not resolve on its courts. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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