Vision architecture


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision architecture

They draw on:

It is felt that something baptized in one of the three mosques, it is made ​​known to God acceptable and demonstrates the high pot and being able to get wealth and in worldly matters .

It felt: that God baptized building such as a mosque or a minaret or Khanqah or the like, it is evidence of his religion and Salah reward hereafter.

It felt: nothing of the Mamora it an increase in the persistence of Islam and in religion, and perhaps the king of righteousness in the right of that place.

It felt: that he baptized it has bought a boat under way and grows them.

It felt: that he should be baptized at his building, it cost the same as it has no power.

It felt: that reconstructing the architecture document, the students were from the afterlife, it works a good work of the verse, “Is he who founded his building on piety to God and Radwan” verse. Though students of the world, the worldly affairs and serve as a lasting condition.

In all, the vision of architecture devolves on four aspects: Salah works related to this world and the good and benefit and for Murad and capacity in the Acquisition.

It felt: that the age of a home or building than anything he wants residence where he meets a woman, whether lawful or otherwise.

It felt: that his father Omar building and raising his thick, it is all what it was that his father had died, though he is not alive to see as progress.

It felt: that the laborers working in the home or in a place where it is to argue with his relatives or forsake his friend, and so on.


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