Vision Ataiwashih

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision Ataiwashih

Ibn Sirin said: Ataiwashih vision of any race were on the show is good and right, and was told Ataiwashih reflect the goodness or the Angels.

It felt: that Toashiya Tell the order may be a matter of a particular good or evil.

It felt: Toashiya entered it in the form of a well-Faúl in two ways: for livelihood and security, albeit in the form of an ugly or deny what his hand might be a case to the Governor, and that he saw reason to Vtaoelh a specific command on the meaning of that.

It felt: that the man has become known Toashiya Faúl on three aspects: Salah, worship, knowledge and wisdom, though in the war and the predominance of Universal access humiliating.

It felt: that accompanied Toashiya it comes with none of the students in the Hereafter.

Vision of slaves

All of it was in slavery Abdel whether white or black, it is felt that slave manumitted slave Fidel’s death or for the good of mellowed.

It felt: that the slave was it aged.

It felt: that the servant, slapped it aged well.

It felt: it speaks to the slaves, or that Fidel Hikhalthm to increase his wealth.

It felt: he had bought the boy hit and was told they are good, melancholy and selling better than buying.

It felt: it has become a slave is sold when there is nothing good was said and humiliating poverty, though at the trial of the enemy, he gains it.

Vision of the servants who are slain

Who saw a group of slaves is a good and a blessing, especially if it is Malleken, and bet naked or therein, it is not what Enqsn Mahmoud. It was the vision of the ongoing well-fertilized years.

It felt: that he had bought the white running his business and deliver a good win.

It felt: that he had bought it can not be going yellow and was told he needs it gets sick.

It felt: that he had bought a black slave escape from it they are distressed.

And opinion is that it sells under way of any race were poverty and the need for it or sells his home or the vessels of the house utensils.

It felt: that he gets under way on the morning of the face, it affects the good, though his livelihood when the Sultan or his representative, it takes him, though absent, it has come to him as well, albeit an ugly scene came to him what he hates.

It felt: Active offer themselves to the people they are serial killer trial ripple in that place.

The emancipation and adulthood and blow Vtaoelha slain in the above match in the slave.

And the vision of the ongoing uncertainties Almetzana Muslim construed to hear the good news and current news is not good Alabosh Almhezwlh and injury are Aeryana, poverty and loss.

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