Vision basins


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision basins

 The basin-Kawthar has made in his class.

 The vision of the rest of the basins where the sentence Faúl on four aspects: Navon men of the people and rich people, money and people all people benefit from their work.

 It felt: that caused the establishment of basin for it to do good things.

 It felt: that it lacks construed Ddh.

 It felt: that white basin and well done, it seeks to do good and thank him.

 It felt: something in the basins of Zain or Shin Vtobeirh on the above, who attributed to him.

 It felt: that the basin is expanded further in the science world that was one of the basin is unknown, though it is a known interpretation is thus expressed in the whole, progress has been mentioned on the overview of the meaning of the alert in the separation of the vision of the Great Basin.

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