Vision Beads

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Beads: (See Counting beads; Prayer beads)

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision Beads

The beads, it is believed that he had found beads it shows for money and the grace of the value of such beads or gets his livelihood from traveling.

It felt: something Mkhrosa types of gems, it interpreted for that essence of its meaning.

It felt: he found beads, it indicates the server for him, though white, it would be a righteous and pious, though green is our servant, but a black servant is not religious and callous and bad manners.

And the vision of colored beads if he demonstrates the functioning of the strewn-Khater, and if Mnzawma construed in two ways: sorrow for the people of corruption and money to the people of righteousness .

It felt: that it swallowed beads construed wisdom.

In all, the vision of beads construed to nine aspects: a woman and a server and running, wealth and sophistication, and literature and a boy and boy or to buy and increases and decreases in these beads construed to nine.

Bead and the vision of a woman living devolve or current origin of the people who Maznin cercus copyright .

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