Vision Brushes

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision Brushes

Of the opinion that on a mattress in a position unknown unknown it shows for the state worthy of it or have a good ground to the extent that bed.

It felt: bed Mpsuta Takht on a laptop sitting on it it shows honor and status and conquer enemies.

It felt: that he threw the bed or outside the door of his home and then returned it shows divorce retroactive.

It felt: that phrase brushes brushes on each interpreted it as much as several women marry the bed.

It felt: that the bed of the mouse eaten it construed the corruption of his wife with a credited in the interpretation of the mouse and be satisfied with this corruption.

It felt: that the bed hung in the air, it indicates the death of his wife, and fell to the ground, it gets sick and recover.

It felt: that the bed Furnished place it shows a high rise would and turning, and his state.It was the vision of the old mattresses become new if it shows Salah create his wife Shin to Hassan, but felt otherwise Vtobeirh against him.

It felt as if he returned his bed, green red, it indicates the tendency of his goodness to corruption, and the opposite is seen otherwise.

It felt: It was red and then become white or yellow is his wife repent of those sins, and to oversee the sick and dying bed new women Hassan interpreted the new good or confidentiality.

It felt: it leaves the bed and another bed it takes to marry another woman.

It felt: the transformation of his bed, his wife turned the place from event to event and the other between the both cases, as much as the separation between the two locations.

It felt: it prevents bed from place to place, and it marries Binsoh Aterchen.

It felt: he rolled up his bed and put it on the other hand it shows the absence of his or his wife or avoid him, though in his vision of what it demonstrates the hated death or divorce, one is located between them.

It felt: that the bed and stuffed his wife was pregnant or sick, this demonstrates the validity and Avaguetha.

It felt: that sitting on a bed of known or unknown and bed sheets on a bed of unknown, it affects the authority to override the men and Aiqaarham, especially if able to sit on it.

It felt: that he was sleeping on a mattress be unaware of his religion, but the minimum, and was probably safe from fear.

It felt: that on his bed, then he should try some kind of animal on his wife. It was the vision of the bed in the place indicated on the anonymous purchase of land or land in cultivation, and was probably a legacy and sleep on the bed in terms of the sentence break from fatigue and indigestion.

The bed or Vamroh free nation, probably the bed if the ground is unknown.

It felt: his bed on the door of the king, it shall state.

It felt: that on the bed and take him sleep it wants to initiate a woman does not receive it, Jeddah brushes show tenderness wife, though of cotton or wool or hair, it shows the woman is rich, though white Fidel woman of faith, and if refined it shows a woman working in accordance with the satisfaction of God, even if it shows green diligence in worship and the new bed Well affluent woman and a woman torn have no religion or fulfillment.

In all, the vision of the bed construed to four aspects: a woman and a slave state, and living in ease.

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